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Saturday, January 07, 2012

S2 vs the iPhone

I think, this one is long due....

A month ago I was stuck with a choice, something that a few years ago I would make in a jiffy. I needed to change my cellphone, I was previously using an iPhone and I needed to change it because as we know most apple handheld devices do not work more than 1 year if used extensively.

So I faced a choice which way to go? I had a few options iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S2/Note,  Blackberry Torch, Bold 4, and some HTC ones. I really did not consider the BB and the HTC well since they are HTC and shitberry.

I was in a dilemma, at once ... the Samsung S2 was a great choice, better processor than the iPhone, a sort of free OS and way way way cheaper than the 4S.

One fine day, I made my choice and got an Samsung Galaxy S2. After using it for over a month, here goes the much awaited review.

The Looks:-

So to speak the iPhone 4S looks almost the same as the iPhone 4 except a few minor changes on the antenna locations it looks identical, which to me is pretty bad, but looking at the history with apple they do tend to do that. While the looks on the iPhone 4S are good, the S2 steals the show with its bright and big display. S2 feels much slimmer and lighter on the hand, the iPhone feels heavier when you put a simple silicone cover on it, while the S2 feels just great.

The OS:

While the iPhone uses the much acclaimed iOS 5 and with the addition of Siri which annoyingly only responds if you can and will put on an accent, the Samsung uses the android. The iPhone OS is simply unmatchable for the ease of use. When it says plug and play it actually means plug and play with something else other than your computer and your phone because the OS will take care of everything for you, while the andriod can do that but when it says plus and play, it means plug me play with your computer with what you want inside me and out of me and manage all that and click on sync and then play... so one extra step here for the andriod, but it gives you a lot more freedom such as the bluetooth exchange, loading of third party apps, watch .avi files and etc. Basiclly things you cannot do on your iphone.  So if you dont get bored of converting videos in iPhone friendly format, you are all set.

One more important part is the keypad... one thing for sure, the Samsung Swype is simple unbeatable absolutely loved it, the iPhone keypad being good as it is cannot beat the comfort of the swype.

Battery Life:

One word for both, CRAP....either wont last as long as you want it.

The final choice:

I think it comes down to what you want, both phones are excellent in where they stand, I think you just have to make up you mind on what you want....

I took the S2, simply because i wanted something new.


Thursday, April 28, 2011

Should we Indian Civilaians follow the rules ?

It's funny when I think of it, because one side of me wants to follow rules and live like a respectful Indian Citizen.

But sadly my day to day activities negate that fact, I break the rule first thing in the morning...I take my car in a "No Entry" and drive it way past the supposed Speed Limit, which is my second side of me.

Why should I follow the rules?, I argued with a cop once for not wearing a helmet, he yelled back "Chal mereko le ke chal thana", he's a freaking public servant he should be peeing in his pants if he got caught doing the wrong thing.

Which brings me to my current topic, why should I even think of following the rules ?

I was brought up saying, Do as the teacher tells you to do ? ... I do heavily blame the Indian Education System for blocking a child's thinking but that is a different topic all together. But, yes I was brought up with this saying, now if the law maker and law enforcer does not follow the rules Why should we?, If the cop decides not to wear a Helmet, if corrupt politicians can walk freely on the road waving their Hungry Hands to the poor people, if the Traffic Cop decides to freely take bribes...Why should we follow rules and also pay the fine/bribe ?

Until and unless the person on the hot seat decides to take actions, nothing can/will be done with this country, Anna Hazare (RESPECT) will not last forever but the bastards who run the country will.

It's difficult to enter politics if you want to make a change, because they just would not let you in or let you live.

So who is going to make the change ?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Simple way to lessen Poverty

More than 80% of the population of India lives below the poverty line, they even struggle to get food for themselves let alone their family. We as Indians can help this task ever wonder how? No, it does not mean donating to the nearest charity Organisation that one can find on google search.

We can start helping by donating money that Indian and a few European countries decide to spend on their sons and daughters wedding. Don't we think that we can do great by simply donating the enormous amount of money one is happily spending on people to have a feast of a wedding.

Lets consider the cost of marriage in India (I'm only considering the weddings of the so called Upper Middle Class and Upper Class in the Indian society),

Plot Rental: - Varies from 150,000 to 1,000,000 (depending on the no. of days the plot is required)

Accommodation (For people who are coming for out of town) :- Varies from 10,000 to 100,000 (depending on the number of people and also the location of the ceremony)

Clothes:- Oh What are we even talking about we all know the bride can go absolutely nuts on the dress and the costs can go very well in 7 figures. for the propose of calculation lets count it as:- 10,000 to 150,000 or more

Food:- Again this can vary from the amount of food required and also the amount of people that would be dining (Rs. 50 per plate to around about 350 per plate) on an average if we count the close Indian family ties we are likely to have at least 150 people present in the ceremony

Lets do a tally of the costs (minimum):

150,000 (Land) + 10,000 (Accommodation) + 10,000 (Clothes) + 7,500 (Food) = 177,500 Rs.

This again is the least cost of weddings in India, I've heard stories for which the costs can go to 1 Million Rs. to 10 Million Rs.

If we say the poverty line in India can be totalled at 538.60 Rs a month to simple survive per person.

The marraige could have provided for at least 329 months worth of food for a person to live in the present situation. 329 Months that's around about 27 years of someones life, one couple can give by deciding to get married in a simple fashion, court marriage small party at his house gathering his closest friends and well wishers.

I am sure there would be a lot many people who would happy received a simple meal that night rather than a lavish fire cracker show for the rich man son's wedding.

Next time you call up your wedding planner, think about what I just managed to write.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Are we guys the weakest link ?

Frankly, I think it's one of the most over rated relationships (GF - BF)

I mean why should a guy listen to the girl, just to get her smile ?

Suddenly out of no-where the girl becomes a top priority for the guy's life. He starts skipping work, starts going against everyone because "she" said so, he starts caring about her more than he cares about himself, starts forgetting his friends, starts forgetting who he actually is.

There should be guidelines if you ask me, on such kind of relationships, where the guy should be kicked in his ball sack where he decides to act desparate.

I'll state an example, to give you guys a better outlook towards this (this is true)

(Scene: He's out with his friends, drinking)

Guy: {Talking to his friends} ... Phone Rings. (It's his girl friend)
Guy moves away from his friends (First sign of being a freaking coward)
Girl: What you doing ?
Guy: Umm... Nothing just out with a few friends nothing important
Girl: Aha, Ok... I just called to see if your free
Guy: Yeah Im kinda getting bored anyways (He is having a fucking ball of a time)
Girl: Ohh ok, I think you should carry on, I just called to ask if your free we could go out.
Guy:Oh Yes Yes ! ... I'm free... (Fucking Desperado)
Girl: Hmmmm......
Guy: So Should I pick you up ?
Girl: You sure, don't want to come in between anything (Yeah right, you planted the bloody seed)
Guy: No No No ... Not between anything ... Ill pick you up in 20 - 25 (min)
Girl: Sweet, buzz me when you get down

Guy runs down to his friends picks up his jacket and keys leaves his friends who were expecting a lift from back home deserted and says ... Dude .. please understand !

No mate, I don't want to understand... How fucking weak are you, can't even stand up to your own girlfriend and speak back to her with a simple "No, Honey I'm a bit busy with my mates" ..."I'll call you when i'm done"

Please understand ... You imbecile, why should we understand you infantile pillock, we did not ditch you when you were heart broken and crying like a baby when she last one left you, we didn't ditch you when you lost your job, didn't ditch you when you needed us to stand by you... and you expect us to understand... ?

Are we guys seriously the weakest link? We can not even stand up and tell a girl "No", for what reasons sexual, intimate company ...?

I think we men have in this age become so desperate to get any or as much action as we can get that we have forgotten what it mean to be a man, while its obvious that the females have figured out that we can go to any extent in getting attention from them and they certainly are making good use of the same. We men have forgotten to think with the brain lying above our waistline and not the one below it...

While I completely agree that the guy should respect his stature, and be the person who picks up the cheque while out on a dinner, drink or a vacation. Nothing wrong in that, it's simply coined as chivalry. But to forget your friends and family for anyone, is not a good deed ... or is it in this world now ?


This article is not written to offend anyone or not even is directed to anyone, it's simply to show we men what we have become.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bal Thackrey Wants IPL Banned = Bal Thackrey has no brains

Recent News which I just stumbled across said Bal Thackrey wants IPL banned. I think we mumbaiites need to get rid of this guy, honestly i've simply had enough of this good for nothing, supposedly leader of Mumbai. You should know Bal (I refuse to call you Balasaheb, because you don't deserve the respect) we do not give a shit about you, or even care about you at all. If you die, I am sure you'll make headlines, but I'm sure more than 70% of Indians will be overjoyed.

Bal Thackrey do you have any idea how much money has that organization given to India as a country, how much international recognition has india got because of the same and you simply coming up with your absolutely ugly face and even more uglier dress was to cancel the premier league, are you out of your minds.

Tax scrutiny has been a good deed by the Indian government, I don't wish to shut IPL down, I would like the government to clean it up and put it back on track. I am sure the government can do at least this much without delaying matters

I have one simple advice for you, pack your bags and get the fuck out of MY CITY, before one of us mumbaiites gets rid of you. Oh this same goes for your ugly faced nephew and son.

Monday, July 16, 2007

New 7 Wonders Public voting is it Justified?

Of course Taj is going to win, when you have 50 % of our population is uneducated and only listen to celebrities and politicians and follow them as gods and goddess, 30 % of the population is too damn patriotic most of them influenced by movies such Rang De Basanti and the two Bhagat Singh movies that came out, would obv. vote for the Taj as its some thing from thier own country. The rest 10 % are the ones who did not care to vote (I can count on my fingers at least 10 people who haven't voted for the Taj) and the rest 10% of voters are the ones who have seen, believed, loved and just voted once because they think Taj deserves a place in the seven wonders of the world and also they are a little bit patriotism in their bloods.

The voting is one of the most ridiculous events that a person can think of, I'll give you a few reasons why Christ, Great Wall of China and Taj had to win.

Christ - The most followed religion in the world, and the government in brazil made the voting free of cost and people just went fanatic on their cell phones voting everyday, every minute and every second so it was bound to win.

Great Wall of China - The population of that country is around 1.3 Bill. excluding the ones staying outside the country around the world, they are there in every god damn country you can even think off even if a person just votes once that thing is going to win and Chinese people believe me are much more patriotic than Indians, they don't even use something which is not Made in China (excluding the fact that everything is made in china and no where else)

Taj - Oh! You have celebrities and very corrupt politicians coming towards the end of the voting scenario pleading you to vote, so as i mentioned before 50 % of our population look at them and voted from their phones, and computers. (Don't you even think that most of our population lives in some villages where there is no TV, cell phone, landlines and a computer, seriously if you are thinking even on the lines of that 'Get your self a guide and see the villages in India they might just have something which you in the city yourself don't, for example "BRAINS"). Then the rest 30 % who are influenced by RDB and other patriotic voted like a fanatic for around 4 to 6 times contributing to the victory, next comes the 10% who voted for it because they have seen, liked, loved the huge structure and are also a little bit patriotic voted marking their love and passion for it.

So, does this make it justified how can any structure be the best 7 there is nothing like the best 7 in this world you simply cannot just have the best 7 out of so many wonderful structures around the world by public voting. If you genuinely want to have the best 7 go get your ass out and fetch a panel of judges who are not biased towards anything, who have excelled in thier respective fields such as architecture, archeology, history and various other subjects related to the field and get them to learn about the structures, the controversies around the place and let them give thier vote on it. They are not politicians that can be voted by a common population they are structures and they need to be evaluated in every term for them to be counted as the best in the world.

I've seen that gift from France to the United States, Yes the one which is shown in every bollywood movie which is shot in NY, the one which stands in the middle of nowhere holding the golden torch as if running for the elections. It is a wonderful structure no doubt but it has nothing that it should be included in the wonders of the world even as a nominee, and also the funny looking thing which is on the other side of the world and is shown in every bollywood movie shot in Sydney, yeah yeah the one with the funny design. Yes, what on earth is that thing doing as a nominee cant they find something better !!! to be included. Just for the sake of having something from down under you include that. Even the long tower from Paris, yeah the one which has nothing to good about it except its got a freaking expensive restaurant in the middle and myths of people proposing in the top (guys if you get rejected and pushed away you'll die) it makes no sense to me at all.

Yeah, I voted for the ones which I felt were the better ones, of course I did for the Taj too, I've seen it its one of the most beautiful things built by man (who ever he/she is!)

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Stealing Music

Yes, yes we all know ... It's not good to steal .... yes exactly.. but you and I both knoe that music is something which you would not spend half of your fortune on...

An Average person who listens to music reguarly would be having at least 10 to 13 GB of music in his harddisk.. now do you expect to own all tht music ...

lets see how much money will it cost..

the cheapest place to buy music would be yahoo or some one like the Itunes store.. who sell music for around... 0.99 cents..

10 Gb = 10,000 MB calculating every song at around 4 MB .. would come up to 2500 ... would easily cost tht person around 2250 $ to own music.. and mind tht .. all the music is never available in Itunes a few old songs are not possible to find for legal purchase.. songs like from the 20's and 30's are not possible to find.. even when willing to pay...

anyways coming back to the cost.. 2200 $ on music.. anyways your bloody Ipod cost you .. 300 $ your not crazy to pay 8 times the amount for music.. bull shit.. !!!

i dont understand why dont they put the music for free.. take.. when they finished with thier major selling targets...

you knoe if Jackson or Spears come up with a song they can keep it for sale for the first few months and thn keep it for free to take of from the website.. people who are going to buy it are anyways going to buy it of the first week itself.. or may be the first month .. but after that you can just put it for freee from a wensite or anything like tht..

Really an easier way to stop stealing music.....

no way a guy can spend 2200 for just his music... its too much .. 99 cents a sound track sounds cool but doesnt.. sound cool when it ads up...

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Express Yourself !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ever Wondered where you could just be yourself,
Ever thought of just a place where you could just dance, sing, laugh, do the wierdest abnormal behaviour you would ever do in your whole life, you ever been to a place like that...Hope you should have figured out where my point is leading to,
I am talking about The Bathroom, isn't it a plce where no one the hell can see you not even the most highly secured place on this living earth has a camera in it. So there is no one that can se you in a bathrrom. No matter where you are you are, what you are doing no matter how much ever you change you are still yourself in the loo, even if you are in the most highly sophisticated bathrobe you can ever purchase you are still going to be in the same attitude as you are yourself from inside in the bathroom . when you look in the mirror which is placed in the loo which no matter how crampeed it is you still find it very very comfortable. In the mirror you have in your bahroom you look at your self and just in one flash you have your whole day in front of you.. Its like you are thinking about wht you are and wht you are going to do and what you have done in your life ... you feel just so excited in it.. no matter wht you are you still look in tht mirror and just think about wht actions you have taken in your day! I am tellin you most of the apologies come in your mind when you wash your face and you look in the mirrior with your face wet and water dripping from the tip of your face and your face and you can hear yourself breath. At tht point of time .. you can come to decision which you make as yourself and not in some one else...

The next time you go to the loo just look at your behaviour in the loo and you will come to knoe .. wht i mean ...


So Many things to blog about!

So many ideas,
So much stuff,
So many topics,
Sp many icidents,
but no time ....

Got so many things to blog about .. dont knoe where to start man ...
lets see... where do i land up..

Monday, October 09, 2006

Why is the library?

why have been libraries built?

The defination according to a online search is

In its traditional sense, a library is a collection of books and periodicals. It can refer to an individual's private collection, but more often, it is a large collection that is funded and maintained by a city or institution. This collection is often used by people who choose not to, or can not afford to purchase an extensive collection themselves

Now the defination i can see in front of my eyes.. is

a library is a place where couples can meet a cuddle in all the different aisle you can think of.. imagine my condition ..

a couple od desi guys tytring to flirt bug time with a few desi chicks .... ..kissies flying in the air.. like a mad person .. why the hell do they have to do it in front of 100 other people cant they find a great decent room to do it... man this is bad

6 ppl

1 couple

the rest flirting thier life away